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Kisumu is a port city on the shore of Lake Victoria. Out of a population of over 700,000, 60% live in the city’s informal settlements.


Kisumu faces environmental challenges such as poor housing and contamination of Lake Victoria, a source of food and of livelihoods.

The city also faces a solid waste management challenge. Deforestation on the hills above it has increased the risk of floods. All of these are already affecting people’s health.


Our public engagement starts with residents of Kisumu’s informal settlements, local journalists, and the county government environment and climate change department.

These groups are working together to find smart solutions to the particularly pressing problem of managing the city’s waste in the most sustainable ways.

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Thank you to our team in Kisumu


Dr Blessing Mberu
Dr Isabella Asamba
Sween Nyongesa
Hellen Gitau
Kanyiva Miundi
Dr Nici Zimmermann
Dr Adarsh Varma
Dr Giuseppe Salvia
Kaveh Dianati